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About Me

Hi there! You have probably figured out my name by now, but it case you haven't, it is Oskar Carlbaum ;) I'm a 26 year old Swedish graduate student working towards my M.Sc in Computer Science-degree at Linköping University. I'm currently conducting my Master Thesis at NASA just outside of Washington DC, where I'm working to improve the space weather visualizations for the open source application OpenSpace. As I am about to finish my degree within a few months I am now looking for a full-time job. If you know of something that you think I'd be suited for then please contact me.

I've got a great interest in software development, 3D-modelling and animation, as well as graphic design.. in fact, you might say that anything that has to do with computer graphics and programming is 'my cup of tea'. Prior to my current education I've been fortunate enough to actually have studied both graphic design and 3D. I spent just over one year in Sydney in 2010-2011 where I studied graphic design at Martin College and when I got back to Sweden I was accepted to a one-year program for 3D-animation at Stockholm University. 2015/2016 I also attended the Technical University of Munich in Germany, as an exchange student.

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I am currently looking for a full-time job/internship, so if you think you have a position for me, do not hesitate to call/write. You can of course contact me with other queries as well.